How to place an order

How to place an order

An order can be placed differently:

  - Make a free phone call 8 800 75 07 21;

  - Send informal email:;

  - Place an order in our website.


There is an item number or a factory ID and a short description of the product in the card of this product or in the price column.

E.g.: factory ID -157 433 542 «Baseball cap», made of drape cloth 433.

Making a phone call or writing an email with your order, put down: factory ID, size, amount of the chosen item etc. Then you need to put down your payment and contact details. You can coordinate your order any time even after your advanced payment. Our manager will inform you by phone or e-mail if there are no goods in the warehouse that you have already ordered, together with the help of our manager you will be able to choose another items. A great variety of products gives you an opportunity to place any order you like.


It’s really comfortable to place an order in our website.

First you need to sign up and after that to authorize. Placing an order you should click on the tab of catalogue and choose the right product category: headwear, shoes or accessories.

Pay attention that you need to place an order for every product category. You choose headwear items and put them into the «basket» and then send your order to «Miks», after that you start forming another order from another product category, for example palantines.

Choosing our goods you can look through the catalogue using our tab filter that provides you different categories: design , season or ID factories.


The item is added into the basket by clicking «Add into the basket» button. The chosen goods are in your «basket». In the upper right corner you can see the number of goods and the total chargeable amount.

Pay attention – firstly there is a consumer price in your basket. If you order goes up over 30 items, the price is changed into wholesale price of an item. Further price will decline, it depends on the amount of goods you are going to order.

You can change the number of goods in your basket while you are placing your order. Finally you need to finish placing an order by clicking «checkout» button.

If you want you are able to place an order for an only item and do a retail purchase.

After ordering you get an email that confirmed your order with all items of the chosen goods and the total price. Then our manager will contact you by email or phone for getting confirmation of the order and agreement of the items and conditions of payment and delivery.

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